The Important Domesticairlines At Sky Harbor International Airport

Sky Harbor International Airport is the biggest and the busiest of all the airports in the state of Arizona. It carries out a number of flight operations daily, and is the main center of many international and national airlines. The most important of the National Airlines are the The American Airlines, The US airways, The Alaska Airlines and The Great Lakes Airlines. However the list is large and is non exhaustive. The airport has four terminals, each of them is meant to serve different airlines and receive the flights from different locations. Terminal two and three are reserved for the domestic arrivals. The terminal one does not receive any traffic it has a parking lot and the cell phone waiting area. Terminal two receives flights from the Alaska Airlines, Continental, Great Lakes Airlines, and United Airlines. The Alaska airlines is a domestic airline that carries the flights to and from the other parts of the United States, its two important destinations are Seattle and Portland. Portland is a very important commercial city in the State of Miami. Seattle is the capital city in the state of Washington and is a very important seaport in United States.

The continental airlines have scheduled flights to Cleveland Ohio, Newark New Jersey and Houston Intercontinental. Great lakes airlines is especially important because it is maintaining a hub at the airport. Its three important destinations are Farmington, Page and show low. United airlines are destined to reach Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Washington Dulles. The terminal three receives the Air traffic from the Airtran, Sun Country Airlines, and American airlines, Delta, Midwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier and Jet Blue. Sun country airlines takes the flights to Minneapolis/ Saint Paul. Hawaiian Airlines is small airline company that provide affordable travelling to Honolulu the capital of Hawaii. Hawaii is small state in the northern part of the USA which is famous as a tourist resort. Airtran airlines provides low cost travelling to business and leisure travelers throughout the United States.

The important destinations of the Airtran airlines are Atlanta and Milwaukee. The flights to Milwaukee are only seasonal and are scheduled only occasionally. Jet blue airlines provide flights to more than fifty destinations in the United States. There planes are comfortable with many accessories and good spacious seats. Television and headsets are available for all the three passenger classes. The most important of their destinations are Boston and New York so if you are planning a travel to these places the Jet Blue Airlines may be a good choice. Delta Airlines is a very old and established airline with a good repute in terms of service and safety. They carry a number of flights to and from different locations in the USA to Sky Harbor Daily. The important destinations are Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, New York-JFK, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Memphis. Frontier Airlines are especially suitable for travelling to Denver and Milwaukee due to their regular flight schedule and economical fares.

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