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Common Sense Communication North Face Outlet

I boarded my plane at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona on my way to a family vacation and “reunion” with my wife’s family in beautiful Emerald Island, North Carolina. The flight to Houston was uneventful north face jackets, as the “major” carrier loaded the plane at the designated time, pushed back from the gate on time, and touched down five minutes early at Houston’s Intercontinental Airport. A two hour lay over awaited us before traveling the final three hours to our destination in Raleigh Durham.

After lunch we found our gate and waited patiently for the announcement to board. Printed on the boarding pass was the scheduled time to load and everyone in our waiting area expected an announcement around that time. I have traveled for business for over 30 years and my experiences have taught me, the time printed on the boarding document is not set in stone and will be adjusted as necessary. Our plane to Raleigh Durham arrived ten to twelve minutes late from its previous destination so I anticipated a later boarding time than was posted north face jackets.

As the time drew closer to the scheduled information the passengers began to stand up and move toward the gate. At first they gave a wide berth to the entry lane and gate, but as the time moved to the exact boarding time and then slid past that time, passengers inched close to the door. They began to fidget, become nervous, agitated, and stressed as the boarding time came and went and the time began to approach the scheduled departure time. I watched this scenario unfold in front of me and I located the gate agents and those responsible for boarding the north face.

Three important things came to mind as I viewed this situation. First, the agents could not help but be aware of the passengers closing in around them. Second, the mood shift of the people in the area and the tension in the air was obvious. Third, and my most important observation; this could all be alleviated with one brief announcement giving everyone the “reason” for the slight delay, reassuring them that boarding was eminent (which it was) and apologizing for the slower than usual service.

The gate agents are professional and deal with the public on a day-to-day basis and delays are part of airline travel. The gate agent made several visits to the plane to check on the readiness and when returning to the ticket podium she moved through the passengers blocking her progress. It would be difficult to ignore the presence of these people and their nervous mood. People began crowding around the check in desk and questioning the employee stationed at that area concerning the delay.

Second, the tension in the air derived from worry, is the plane was having mechanical problems, will we be leaving on time, what is holding us up. Many thoughts and ideas went through the passenger’s minds when accurate information was lacking. When current information is missing, many thoughts are negative and have no basis in reality; however, passengers can manufacture some creative scenarios for the delay.

Third, communication is a key to success! The gate agent should have made a short announcement indicating the planes arrival was twelve minutes late and because of this it was going to take some time to be cleaned and ready for the next leg. The announcement should have included a “kind” directive for the passengers to remain seated and only come to the gate when their row was going to be called. The brief announcement did not need to be long or fancy, just a quick informational chat to remove doubt, worry, and other uneasy feelings from the passengers. The announcement was never made and as a result the emotions of the people were never soothed and their impression of the airline was negative. Millions of dollars of marketing and advertising for great customer service went out the window because of non-existent communication north face jackets.

I viewed the entire experience from a sales perspective north face jackets. Excellent communication is critical to professional sales people to maintain current customers and to obtain new customers. When a client expects a shipment of goods to be received at a scheduled or promised time, and it does not arrive, they become like the passengers at the gate in Houston. A nervous or irritated customer is never pleasant and to alleviate the problem place a phone call, email, fax, or text with up-to-date information to the customer north face outlet.

Common sense communication given in a timely manner will avoid the following spoken by C. Northcote Parkinson1, “The void created by the failure to communicate is soon filled with poison north face outlet, drivel and misrepresentation.” A top sales professional values people and their customer’s and always envision themselves in the customers shoes and leave no void in communication to be filled by a competitor.

Economic challenges face companies on a daily basis and retention of existing clients is critical to continued success and even survival North Face Outlet. Do not let business fly away by failing to recognize clients asking more questions, understanding their shift in mood, and failing to announce how you are going to alleviate their concerns by using common sense communication.

1. He gained knowledge and expertise as a top sales professional from his National Sales Manager and Director of Sales positions for American Optical, Lehigh Safety Shoe Company and Varsity Contractors. Gaylen has extensive experience in working with residential and commercial property managers and REALTORS. This work includes home and commercial building repairs and improvements, cleaning and landscape care. This gives him a unique perspective to buying, selling and property management as well as how to take care of both commercial and residential facilities inside and out. Gaylen arrived in Arizona in 1996 residing in Scottsdale for 9 years, moving to Surprise 4 years ago. He is past president of the Mission de los Arroyos Home Owner Association and currently serve as the treasurer on the Ashton Ranch HOA Board of Directors North Face Clearance. Gaylen has an extensive educational background having a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix, a broadcast degree from the Western School of Broadcast and is insurance licensed in Arizona and Utah along with his Arizona Real Estate license. Gaylen is a member of IFMA and BOMA both outstanding facility service organizations. Through education, career, and voluntary efforts, Gaylen has acquired a wealth of experience which gives you the “Selling or Purchasing Edge” in your real estate transaction or if you are in the market to enhance or maintain your commerical facility.
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