What Items Fall Under Bulk Trash?

Everyone has junk that they need to get rid of. The garbage man can get the small everyday junk that people gather from cooking, cleaning, doing yard work, and other things around their home. But when people have large items that have been stored in the attic, the garage, or behind the house, they need some way to get rid of it.

Most people store unused items because they either do not have a way to take it off themselves, however, these items can be taken away with a simple phone call. There are many organizations that will pick the items up and repair them for people who really could use them, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and others.

There are also second hand shops that would be more than happy to come out to your home and remove any items that you have, usually for no charge at all. They will pick them up repair the items that they can and turn around and sell them for a minimal profit.

If you have collected a substantial amount of knick-knacks that are just gathering dust, clothing that you no longer wear, books that you have already read; instead of throwing them in the weekly garbage pickup, call someone to come out and get them out of your way.

Perhaps you have done some remodeling on your home and have saved old windows and doors, or drywall or something else that you thought might you might need later, and it has been sitting in the garage. These things are not only an eye sore, they take up valuable space that you could be using.

Some people try to recycle themselves. They collect such items as aluminum cans, scrap metal, and other types of metal; waiting for the price of certain metals to rise. This is great, but do not let it become an eye sore to the community.

There are also online organizations that will send you boxes to fill with certain items, and even pay for them to be shipped back to them. For information about this, all you need to do is to research these companies online. You will be surprised how many companies actually do this. This is a great way to get rid of old printer and copier cartridges, and they will send you a replacement cartridge for your printer.

There are also some online such as �Free Cycle.com� which allows people to post whatever they wish on the website and other members of the site, that would like to have one of the posted items, can call for more information and directions. Then just go pick it up. I have seen exercise equipment, furniture, appliances, and many different things, and all a person had to do was to travel to get it. These items are free, so the only money you would be putting out of your pocket would be for gas.

Getting rid of your Bulk Trash is easier now than it ever has been. Someone can use the junk one way or another, and it will help you have much more space in your home.

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