Beautiful Lake Tahoe, Adventures For Everyone

Lake Tahoe is a favorite site for vacationers of all types and ages. And no wonder; located on the border of California and Nevada this location has much to offer. Lake Tahoe is the second largest alpine lake in all of North America. It is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the scenery there is breathtaking.

This area provides the largest concentration of ski resorts in all of North America. With over 17,520 skiable acres there is sure to be a perfect terrain for anyone interested in skiing. In fact twenty-eight percent of the terrain is defined as being fit for beginners, forty-two percent for those at the intermediate level and thirty percent for advanced or expert skiers.

This beautiful area has an average base elevation of 6,831 feet and the average summit elevation is 9,246 feet. The typical skiing season is from November to May. But although the snow skiing may end at that time it does not mean the fun ends.

Lake Tahoe has much to offer for year-round fun and entertainment. There are world famous golf courses that offer the mountain backdrop and views of the beautiful lake itself in Incline Village.

You can pick and choose how you would like to view or tour the area. Various options are available as there are helicopter rides as well as cruises around the Lake. Additionally you can choose to enjoy carriage rides, biking, and boating, hiking, and horseback riding.

But that is just the beginning. When we talk about Lake Tahoe it is essential that we mention the casinos. You will find that there are several resort/spas in the vicinity waiting to provide you with a luxurious stay and lots of fun.

It would be doing an injustice to this wonderful place if the river rafting was not discussed. The Truckee River is located close to Reno and North Lake Tahoe. There you will find a whitewater rafting adventure that you will never forget. It is a seven mile trip with many Class 2 and 3 rapids for the first six miles and exhilarating Class 3+ rapids in the last mile. This is sure to add excitement to your trip.

Every kind of store imaginable is located in this area. You will find fudge shops, factory outlets and everything in between. You will learn first hand what the phrase shop until you drop means.

After shopping and some other adventures you may decide that some time in a quiet museum is welcomed. That too is available in this fun-filled location. You will find several different museums, each with a unique focus. Take a break from the rush and motion, slow down and visit one or two of these places. You are sure to enjoy the educational experience provided by the museums.

Night life was not forgotten when this area was developed. You will find that there are numerous sports bars and places to enjoy live music. This means your fun does not have to end just because the sun goes down.

It is easy to see why Lake Tahoe is so popular. With so much to offer it is a complete vacation package in one centralized location. Regardless of the time of year Lake Tahoe is a fun place.

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