Soothe Your Senses And Relax Your Soul With Tranquil India Tours

With gorgeous beaches, stunning temples, exotic rain forests, colossal mountains, serene deserts, lively cities and friendly people, the Indian peninsula creates an ultimate fascination for the travelers across the globe .So vast and diverse in culture, heritage and language , India is bestowed with an equally rich natural beauty that adds to its tranquility. The picturesque hill stations, the pristine beaches, the unique and halcyon pilgrim destinations and the vast serene deserts, India is land of endless opportunities for the explorers of peace and equanimity. There are wonderful destinations for experience the phlegm of this land with relaxing and rejuvenating India tours.

With pleasure of luxurious �shikaras�, the beauty of Dal Lake, the serenity of Gulmarg , the might of Himalayan peaks and the russet of chinar trees, the valley of Kashmir is the symbol of aplomb in India. The “Golden City” of India, Jaisalmer is rich with historical monuments, mansions and fortresses. The largest draw, though, has to be the landscape. Offering a world full of adventure, spiritualism and tranquility, Dehra Dun is a gateway to the popular hill station of Mussoorie and the pilgrimage centers of Haridwar and Rishikesh. Be it the sun-kissed beaches, misty hill stations, rhythmic backwaters or the forestlands, Kerala, named as one of the �Ten Paradises of the World’ has everything you might travel far and wide to see. Goa, the land of feasts and festivals is the holidaymaker’s paradise with breathtakingly blue beaches, sensuous silvery sands, captivating churches, and terrific temples.

For breathing the beauty of hills stations there are many opportunities ranging from river and lake cruising, river rafting, trekking, backpacking, mountain climbing, skiing, bird watching, wildlife safaris and many more such excursions. One can enjoy the majestic aura of the old havelis, forts and palaces that takes you on a legendary ride of royalty. The charisma of the endless deserts could be explored through the relaxing camel-rides with the vibrant colors of festivities and celebrations. The exquisite beauty of the silvery-sand lies in the relaxing hours on the seashore. The sightseeing opportunities on cruises and ferries and backwater rides, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding and the rejuvenating experiences of exotic yoga and spa centers are the ultimate dose of placidity on beaches.

Tourists are smitten by the glorious destinations in India, which are solely famous for their blush of tranquility. The aromatic gardens of Assam, the exotic Kaziranga park, the tribes of Nagaland, the unique temples and palaces, the enchanting landscape of Meghalaya and the rich culture of Manipur, North �east India is a bliss for nature-lovers and adventure-buffs. Laddakh is one of the most tranquil places of India with spellbound natural beauty and some of the famous pilgrim places in India. This breathtaking land is dotted with numerous mountains, trekking trails, rivers, lakes, glaciers etc. Some of the places of tourist attraction in Laddakh are: Drass valley, the town of Leh, Suru valley, Kargil, Zangla, Shayok Valley, Salt Valley, Tanglang La. South Indian Beaches are ideal vacation destinations for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Its hard to escape the sheer beauty and soaking experiences of pristine beaches in Kerala , Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

With a enchanting pleasure of quietude and a long-lasting spell of tranquility, India, the God’s own country throws an open invitation to all the peace-lovers to come and dive into this mesmerizing experience that leads you to the paradise on earth.

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