Bayliner Discovery Journeys: Experience The Maine Island Trail

Get ready to experience the people, the food and the captivating beauty of coastal Maine. If you love misty New England mornings and the scent of saltwater spray as you test your boating skills, you’ll love Bayliner Discovery’s new Maine Island Trail adventure ( Join National Geographic Adventure Magazine Contributing Editor and renowned kayaker, Jon Bowermaster, as he and his buddy, Bruce Alter, take the helm of a Bayliner Discovery 288 Cruiser.

During their voyage, Bowermaster and Alter travel from Portland to Bar Harbor, cruising by Jewell Island and Eagle Island, the former residence of Arctic explorer Admiral Robert Peary. They witness lobstermen bringing in fresh catch to the docks in Cundy’s Harbor, visit Pemaquid Point and camp overnight on Basin Island. The pair stops by J.O. Brown and Sons boat builders, in operation since 1888, and the restored Stonington Opera House. Along the way, Bowermaster seizes the opportunity for a foggy afternoon kayaking trip in Goose Cove. “The freedom of boating lets you make your own rules – and then break them on a whim,” says Bowermaster. “The only steadfast rule is to follow your spirit of adventure.”

With the unveiling of the first of three Maine Island Trail webisodes about the journey at, Bayliner Discovery lures you into an affair with nature. The Discovery 288 Cruiser – a best-in-class, two-level mini yacht – captained by Bowermaster is one of Bayliner Discovery’s new line of runabouts, cuddys and cruisers. “The bridge helm triggered an incredible feeling of expansiveness, while the cabin’s second helm and huge windows gave us protection from the elements without sacrificing our enjoyment of the scenery,” says Bowermaster.

In upcoming weeks, will treat visitors to the remainder of the Maine Island Trail adventure with additional webisodes, still photography and journal entries about the craggy coastlines, the peaceful calm, and the colorful characters.

This follows on the heels of Bayliner Discovery’s first journey, where Motor Boating Magazine’s Managing Editor John Wooldridge and his buddy Ken Nicholson challenged a new Bayliner Discovery 246 Cruiser in the Pacific chop from San Diego to Catalina Island and on through Channel Islands National Park to Santa Barbara.

Website visitors followed the two men as they kayaked near sea caves, went on a buffalo safari, and met Catalina Island locals. The surprisingly cool navigation of the site transported visitors to webisodes of Wooldridge’s voyage, trip journals, planning links and Bayliner Discovery boats.

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