There Is Much More To Reno Then Gambling

Reno is an interesting little big town located in the desert of Nevada. No, it is certainly not as popular as its Las Vegas sibling, but it can definitely hold its own and offers a wide assortment of entertainment options aside from gambling. However, it should be noted that gambling does remain the biggest draw for Reno but it is certainly not the only thing this desert jewel has to offer visitors.

The largest nature attraction in Reno is Lake Tahoe. The lake has over 70 miles of shoreline to see. You can camp, hike, and trudge around the countryside for fun. Lake Tahoe has a bevy of fun outdoor activities and is a great place to spend your vacation when you have lost most of your money gambling at the casinos in Reno.

Just up the road from Reno is a place called Virginia City. It is the location where Mark Twain wrote his “Territorial Enterprise” and remains to the this day a popular destination for people in the Reno area. There are museums to walk through, mines to explore, and the air is almost always cooler than that of Reno itself.

Interested in fun, wet, wild activities? Go to Wild Waters in Sparks. It has access from Interstate 80. Wild Waters offers activities that the entire family will love. You can play miniature golf or race go-karts. Yummy food is available at Wild Waters.

Wish to see a Reno area attraction that is off the beaten road? Spend some time in Whitewater Park on the Truckee. It was built for kayakers by the city of Reno. It goes through the downtown area, so you can quickly get started kayaking. You can also take a relaxing stroll along the water.

Located very close to Reno is a place known as Pyramid Lake (for a desert location, there are an awful lot of lakes and waterways, aren’t there?!?!). Pyramid Lake is a great place where people can rent a boat, take a peaceful picnic on the beach, or engage in any number of fun outdoor activities.

You can also add to your artistic experience by visiting the great number of art studios and galleries. Stop by the galleries on 1st street, South Virignia Street, and California Avenue. They are an exciting adventure for any art admirer. They offer impeccable Southwestern art plus art from all over the glob. You can soak in the local culture here.

If you wish to take the more traditional activity route, you can gamble in the Reno casinos. Wedding services such as chapels are offered just like they are in Las Vegas. As you can surmise, Reno has many fun things to do. Take a trip to Reno for a fun, relaxing vacation.

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