Travel And Tourism Of Seattle

Seattle the capital city of Washington DC is graded as 6th biggest city in United States. It is positioned in the south of sonoran desert. The Seattle has urbanized very rapidly in last ten years and also has changed a lot in a better sense. Like all other cities of the world Seattle also has the most exotic places that make you feel so delighted and relaxed that you forget all your worries. The most luxurious hotels, clubs, bars, the casinos and many more things that tourists love on there trips. Along with these all manmade enjoyments the nature lovers are also attracted to the beauty of Seattle. The desert and river that present the ultimate safari trips in the world are also present in the city. The one more thing that also attracts the tourists is that most of the time of the year the sun is out to welcome you.

The weather is very relaxing and restful from November till April. This is the best time to visit the place and enjoy the natural beauty with your family and friends. The hiking expeditions are also very popular in the locals as there are many mountains around the city. These expeditions last for a day or for a weekend. These activities are very usual in the summers for the local residents and for the tourists.
As it is one of the most developed cities so it has a stadium in downtown which is basket ball stadium with the retractable roof that are only 2 in the whole United States and very uncommon in the world. So basketball lovers will not be disappointed if they come to Seattle. Along with the basket ball stadium a football stadium and a hockey stadium is also built to make the people come to watch the sports. Many sports events take place in these stadiums round the year in which large number of people come to watch these events. Many more shopping malls, markets and other places where you can buy whatever you want. Money is not a problem here. The prices are economical.

For the people who are fond of dancing and gambling a whole lot of night clubs and casinos are present giving good services at economical prices. Some of world’s most expensive resorts are there in Seattle. These casinos have no match with others in the country due to there facilities.

Other than that many parks and gardens are also present for the people who like plantation and flowers. Seattle has some very old parks and gardens that are worth seeing. There are many different types of plants, trees and flowers that have been gathered from the entire world. Water sports are also very popular in Seattle and many people spend their holidays in water diving or hot air balloon ride and same activities like that. Latest facilities of boating, rafting and other exciting activities are also there. There is no chance that you can be bored in these places.

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