The Natural Beauty Of Seattle

Washington State is known for its beautiful forests and mountains, providing a breath of fresh air, where relaxation comes naturally. Combining the breathtaking beauty of the great outdoors, while also providing quick access to the Pacific Ocean, it’s easy to see why Seattle has grown into such a popular city. What better way to enjoy the Pacific Northwest, then to treat yourself or your family to one of the many fine bed and breakfasts spread throughout the state.

In Washington State you’ll find a lot of bed and breakfasts that are built in the Victorian style, surrounded by evergreen trees amongst lush gardens and rolling hills. The Pacific Northwest is known for its hospitality, so expect a friendly greeting and a warm smile when you arrive, as well as affordable prices.

One of the premiere bed and breakfast establishments is Chinaberry Hill. Located in the Seattle suburb of Tacoma, this bed and breakfast is a beauty to behold. Nestled high upon a hill, this bed and breakfast provides a wide view of the surrounding area, including the natural beauty of the harbor, and a fully landscaped garden to explore. Combined with a hearty meal and spacious rooms, this is certainly a bed and breakfast to consider.

Another excellent bed and breakfast to keep in mind is the Chambered Nautilus, a Victorian style inn, located in the University District, near all of Seattle’s major attractions. This puts you within walking or driving distance to the many great attractions in the Seattle area. Of course there’s the world famous space needle, built for the 1962 World Fair. There are also lots of places that you probably haven’t heard about that I definitely recommend you visit. One such place is the Pike Place Market. This interesting public market is located near the Puget Sound in downtown Seattle, and contains a variety of restaurants, shops, and bizarre stores. Near Pike’s Place there are many other attractions along the pier, including the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, an interesting place full of novelties and strange items (such as actual mummies) and rides that are perfect for the whole family.

Vacationing in the Seattle area wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the ocean. For those of you who can’t stay away from the water, there are plenty of bed and breakfast establishments close by, to make sure when you get out of the water; you have a nice dry and warm place to relax. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll be in paradise. Many bed and breakfasts located on the coast are near some of the most premiere sea food restaurants in the country. There you can dine on fresh seafood, caught in one of the most seafood rich areas of the country.

So if you’re looking for the right combination of relaxation, adventure, and outdoor experience, then Washington’s rich selection of bed and breakfasts will definitely make you desperate to return again. Located next to nature, while still providing the big city experience, the Seattle area is a vacationer’s dream. I know I’ll never forget the great times I’ve spent there, and I’m sure you’ll never forget yours either!

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