Rodeo Drive Of Raleigh Facial Plastic Surgery Center Is Hottest And Most Glamorous Plastic Surgery C

Raleigh, NC, October 22, 2012
Stein Facial Plastic Surgery ( is among first full service Facial Plastic Surgery centers on the famous Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh, N.C. It has a history of innovation and now the center launches a full-service concierge Facial Plastic Surgery program.
Medical Director Dr. Adam Stein explains that for some people Facial Plastic Surgery is a total service process. “Some of our clients come from other nations, some come from other states, and some come from North Carolina towns and cities. Many need a complete arrangement of all possible services to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We contour our concierge services to meet the total experience of the client. We designed the Stein Concierge Facial Plastic Surgery Program to exceed even the expectations of those who expect a more sophisticated approach to delivering services. Stein Plastic Surgery’s concierge program is the among the few plastic surgery programs in the Raleigh area designed to make the plastic surgery experience itself rewarding”
The program provides complete transportation door to door, prestigious ease of access hotel accommodations, unrivalled overnight personal nursing assistance, and elite direct practice communications, preferred scheduling and follow-up as well as complimentary post-procedure skin care consultations.
Dr. Stein also notes that the program provides further added-value services. “We offer an elite special offer program to our best clients. The Stein Facial Plastic Surgery Concierge program provides the sort of services that clients expect.”
These services include 24-hour access to the operating doctor by phone, same day no wait appointments, coordination of all supportive services, and broader concierge attention from all our staff.
Dr. Stein expects that many of the program’s participants will travel for their procedures. Increasingly more than of the center’s patients come from other parts of the country or overseas. “We have been able to provide this group with superb services, and our new program will enhance their options for working with us, for all procedures,” Dr. Stein says.
The program is included in our package for our out of country, out of town and VIP guests.
Stein Facial Plastic Surgery provides superb service in a setting of sophistication. and a boutique approach to beauty and well-being.
“I made a point of creating an atmosphere that is luxurious, inviting, and soothing,” concludes Dr. Stein. “We use the most advanced surgical techniques, and have the most sophisticated equipment to provide the utmost in safety. And our full-service concierge program adds a wonderful level of service.”

“Patients fly in from all over the United States, as well as Canada, South America, Europe, Korea, South Africa and Canada, for facial cosmetic surgery ,” he says. “This is really an ideal destination, since our climate and infrastructure allow visitors the opportunity to relax during their surgical recovery time.”
“My staff and I understand the particular needs of people who travel to Raleigh for facial plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments,” Dr. Stein says. “We work hard to create a comfortable, sensitive, collaborative environment where our patients receive optimal attention and guidance.”

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